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We’re back in Adam’s cave to check out his latest obsession, a robot spider with incredibly realistic movement. Adam shows off the special box and platform he built to tinker and calibrate the spider, and then sends it crawling around the pool table in his shop. It’s not for the arachnophobic!

Find out more about the Robugtix here:


Henry Sapiecha


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The robot that BREEDS: ‘Mother’ machine builds and tests ‘children’ models to make each generation better than the last

Roboticists built a 'mother' robot (right) image

  • Roboticists built a ‘mother’ robot that independently builds ‘child’ models
  • It tests each ‘child’ to see which ones perform best at certain tasks
  • This ‘mother’ then uses the results to inform the design of the next ‘child’
  • Results show that preferential traits are passed down from one generation to the next – similar to how natural selection works in animals
During five experiments, the 'mother' designed, built and tested generations of ten 'children'image

It may sound like the stuff of terrifying dystopian science fiction, but researchers have created robots that breed and evolve without any human interference.

The roboticists built a ‘mother’ machine that independently builds its own ‘children’ and tests which ones perform best at certain tasks.

This ‘mother’ then uses the results to inform the design of the next ‘child’, so that preferential traits are passed down from one gen...

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Engineer building a quadcopter drone big enough to ride

Dutch engineer Thorstin Crijns rides on a prototype Quadro.

Quadcopters are a popular choice of unmanned aerial vehicle by drone developers hoping to reduce the costs and improve on the safety record of helicopters.

Online retail giant Amazon hopes to offer delivery by drone in the United States by the end of 2016.

Now a Dutch software engineer is working on a quadcopter that he says will be able to deliver much more. Thorstin Crijns envisions a quadcopter that can transport passengers autonomously, without manual control.

“The main goal of this project is to create a system where passenger can sit in and automatically go to his desired location without manually driving it, so it should be done automatically...

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Stephen Hawking in Reddit AMA to promote call to ban killer robots

Hawking joins Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak in warning against development of autonomous weapons.

Physicist Stephen Hawking image

Physicist Stephen Hawking will answer AI questions on Reddit after supporting a call for researchers to tread carefully.

Would a machine with AI have the same drive to reproduce as biological organisms do? Can — and should — empathy be introduced? If there are questions swimming around in your brain about the future of artificial intelligence, you can now send them to Stephen Hawking himself for an answer. Hawking has signed up for his first-ever AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit, and will be answering questions there for the next few weeks.

Yes, you read that correctly — weeks...

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Why we must stop killer robots before they are built

AI will do some great things for humanity, but its militarisation would spark an arms race image

AI will do some great things for humanity, but its militarisation would spark an arms race. Photo: Bloomberg

More than 1000 of the leading researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics have on Tuesday signed and published an open letter calling for a ban on offensive autonomous weapons, also known colloquially as “killer robots”.

The letter has been signed by many technologists and experts, including SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, physicist Stephen Hawking, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Skype co-founder Jaan Talinn and linguist and activist Noam Chomsky.

We can get it right at this early stage, or we can stand idly by and witness the birth of a new era of warfare

Musk, Hawking and Wozniak have all recently warned about the dangers that AI poses to mankind...

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US Lifeguards use Phantom drone to spot sharks as seen in this video report

Use Of Drone By Lifeguards At Local Beach Reveals Chilling Look At Sharks Near Shoreline


Californian lifeguards are using a mid-range UAV from Phantom to search out sharks in the vicinity of Seal Beach, Orange County, US. It used to take lifeguards up to several hours a day to confirm shark sightings, this involved sending personnel out on jet skis to roam the coastline. Now, Seal Beach Marine Safety

Lifeguard-phantom-drone-spots-sharks-atSeal-Beach-California-US image

Chief Joe Bailey sends up his Phantom drone, which can hover at over 100 feet above the ocean, to confirm in real time whether there are sharks in the area. The drone’s on-board camera can spot a shark’s tell-tale shadow from far away, allowing Chief Bailey to move his waterborne team in for a closer look. Chief Bailey will then make an assessment on whether to close the beach based on...

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Volkswagen plant in Dresden image

A Volkswagen plant in Dresden

An assembly robot has killed a man at a Volkswagen plant in Germany, the Associated Press reports.

The 22-year-old contractor died at a plant in Baunatal on Monday when the robot he was there to set up grabbed him and crushed him against a metal plate, according to a statement on Wednesday by VW spokesman Heiko Hillwig.

Once installed, this kind of robot arm typically runs in isolation, performing a number of tasks that involve grabbing heavy auto parts and moving them around with great speed. Hillwig says that all initial signs point to error on the contractor’s part. An investigation is ongoing.


Henry Sapiecha

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This is why you don’t shoot down a drone

small white quad drone image

This is not the drone that was shot down.We expect that drone is still at the drone hospital.

Shooting down a drone that’s hovering over your property might seem like a good idea, but as a recent court case shows, it’s definitely not.

Presenting the case of Eric Joe and Brett McBay.  A few months ago, Joe took a ride out to his parents rural property to fly his homemade hexacopter drone. After about three and half minutes of flying, the drone hit the dirt, courtesy of a 12-gauge shotgun.

When he went to collect the drone, he encountered his parent’s neighbor, Brett McBay and his son. According to an interview with arstechnica, when asked if he shot the drone, McBay said, “Yeah, did we get it?”

After examining the downed drone, Joe estimated about $700 worth of damage, and asked McBay to ...

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New addictive sky race sport that turns people into virtual drones

Have you ever played a video game and wished you could jump inside the screen? Like actually be the avatar you’re feverishly controlling from the other side. I’ll admit, there were times I wished I was Princess Peach. Partly because Super Mario 64 was awesome and partly because I always wanted to be rescued from a castle by a knight in shining armor (I’m still waiting for that to happen)

Drone racers apparently feel the same way (well, maybe not the castle part). Welcome first person view (FPV) racing.

FPV racing is every drone racers dream come to life. It’s basically a game of virtual reality, or feeling like a superhero for five minutes.

It’s the hot new thing in competitive drone flying, and over the past year or so, more and more pilots have started building their own racers ...

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Shooting down a drone with a machine gun looks like this in video clip

On today’s edition of destroying things with machine guns, we find ourselves in Arizona during the semi-annual Big Sandy Shoot, which is the largest machine-gun shoot in the US. We also find ourselves learning a valuable lesson: It’s really hard to shoot down drones.

First, let’s talk about the Big Sandy Shoot, because it sounds both amazing and terrifying at the same time. It’s a facility just outside the town of Wikieup in northwest Arizona with a .25 mile long firing line and 1200 yard maximum distance. They’ve got 1000 reactive targets, night shoots with pyrotechnics, and a ton of NFA weapons. These people are serious about their shoots with an average of over 3.5 million rounds fired per shoot...

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There are a lot of regulations about how and when you can fly drones, but there is also a bit of grey area when it comes to enforcing them. As an added bonus, there is apparently a total lack of ethics (or common sense) from some owners on the appropriate time to fly your toy.

A video was recently released that shows John Thompson flying his drone over a house fire in upstate New York. The firefighters look to be working on putting out any fires and checking the structure when the drone appears on the scene. So, like any self-respecting firefighter who is trying to save someone’s house and shouldn’t have to worry about a mystery drone in the sky, they tag it with the hose. Twice...

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