Melbourne man arrested for allegedly using a drone to smuggle drugs into prison

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Police in Melbourne have arrested a 28-year-old Australia man for allegedly operating a four-engine drone in Ravenhall in order to smuggle drugs into a prison. According to a statement from local law enforcement, “A man and a woman were located in a car on Middle Road around 4.30 p.m. with what was believed to be a drone with four engines and a small quantity of drugs.”

What exactly those substances were and what the pair were doing with them is, as of this writing, unclear. For what it’s worth, Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) spokesman Peter Gibson told ABC News that the pair may not have been breaking any airspace laws, since recreational drone us in Australia is largely unregulated. “Using them essentially as model aircraft, people can just buy them and use them, as long as they fly them according to the safety rules,” Gibson said.

So, using a drone to possibly smuggle illegal goods? One would have to imagine it being one of the more formidable challenges for law enforcement going into the next decade. It wasn’t the first time we have heard of it happening, either. And it likely won’t be the last.

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