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Drones are definitely one of the most fun tech inventions of recent times, but sadly, most have to stay in the loft when the weather is miserable — they’re just too big. In contrast, the SKEYE Nano drone will happily fly around the house when winter bites. Heck, you can fly it without getting out of bed. It’s 1.57” square, but it is a full-fledged quadcopter that can pull some nice tricks, too. Right now, it also has 41% off.

Impressively, for what is a genuinely pocketable drone, the Nano is completely self-stabilizing, using gyros and accelerometers to keep things steady. That means it’s a solid outdoor flyer, and there are three levels of control sensitivity for different conditions and piloting abilities. Tricks are the main attraction, though — it can do flips all by itself, and with a little practice, you can get it to perform figure 8s and banking turns. Charging is via USB, and 30 minutes plugged in gets you around 7-8 minutes of flight. Visit the link to grab one at the discounted price; order before 12/8/14 to get it delivered by Christmas Eve.

Henry Sapiecha

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