Collision-Proof Drone protects itself from damage as shown in these pics & video

Collision-Proof Drone Could Save Lives

For all their majestic flying skills drones are still quite fragile. Inspired to create a more robust drone, Flyability has developed a highly stable and collision proof drone that could be used as a mobile detection platform in hazardous conditions or even to save lives following natural disasters or industrial accidents.

Flyability-gimbal-drone-industrial-applications-collision-proof-search-and-rescue.jpg 1













Winner of the ‘UAE Drones For Good Award” the ‘gimbal’ drone is surrounded by a rotating cage that allows it to bounce off obstacles thereby avoiding damage to the drone.
















The industrial applications of the drone are potentially huge, fitted with gas emission/chemical detectors it could be used to investigate areas of possible gas or chemical leaks, survey equipment and infrastructure in hazardous zones or search for personnel after industrial accidents.

Flyability-gimbal-drone-industrial-applications-collision-proof-search-and-rescue 3












Henry Sapiecha

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