Wrist wearable drone to capture all your favorite moments

Nixie: Prototype Drone Makes it to the Finals of Intel’s Make It Wearable Contest

Wrist wearable drone to capture all your favorite moments

Several interesting projects have emerged in response to the Intel-organized Make It Wearable contest. The contest is seeking to support the evolution of wearables and is divided into two tracks, the VISIONARY track is looking for futuristic ideas, while the DEVELOPMENT track is looking for ideas that are both innovative and realistically feasible. The contest heavily features Intel’s Edison chip and Development track submissions must be based on Intel technologies. Nixie is one of the teams that has made it through to the finals.

Nixie wrist worn camera drone

Nixie is the brainchild of Christoph Kohstall, a researcher in physics based at Stanford University. Kohstall and his team including Jelena Jovanovic and Michael Niedermayr, have developed a wrist-worn UAV that carries an onboard camera. With a tagline of “Set your camera free” the team envisages a drone that is light and compact enough to bring with you anywhere and can slip seamlessly into your daily life. Imagine the ability to wear a quadcopter on your wrist like a watch and when inspired, you effortlessly launch it into the air to capture all your favorite moments, whether you’re rock climbing, mountain biking or taking a leisurely stroll in a beautiful setting.

The winning team will be [was] announced at the Make It Wearable Finale Event on November 3, 2014 with a grand prize of US$500,000 up for grabs.


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