DRONE EYE VIDEO VIEWS of the Apple Campus 2 construction – April 2015 – building going up

Drone footage shows off Apple’s upcoming spaceship campus

Drone footage of Apple’s ‘spaceship’

Amazing new drone footage of Apple’s new campus in California under construction.

While we’ve previously seen far-off images of Apple’s upcoming campus, new footage gives a glimpse of the building’s true scale.

Filmed via drone by YouTuber Duncan Sinfield, the footage provides a flyover of what will eventually be Apple’s second main base of operations.

Since 2012, the tech giant and world’s richest company has been busy constructing the spaceship-like building to support its interminable growth.

An artist's impression of Apple's second campus image www.spy-drones.com

An artist’s impression of Apple’s second campus. Photo: Apple

Due to be finished sometime next year, the project, next to Apple’s original headquarters in Cupertino, California, will house some 12,000 workers. The building takes the shape of a massive donut, covering a 2.8 million square foot site with a large green space in the middle.

Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller told Mashable the new home was designed to spark collaboration.

“[T]his is going to be the most incredible collaborative space that’s been created,” Schiller said.


Henry Sapiecha

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