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Apache-Drone Combo to have More Manned-Unmanned Teaming in the U.S. Military

The Textron Shadow unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has recently hit an operational milestone, becoming the first of the U.S. Army’s mid-range (or Group III) drones to fly one million hours. The aircraft have been clocking in some serious hours in Iraq, working in tandem with Apache attack helicopters in the fight against ISIS.

So far, the teams have been doing “very well.”


“We are starting our after-action reviews with them, from an Apache standpoint and a Shadow standpoint,” said. Lt. Col. Tory Burgess. “The information that we’re getting back is that the Shadows performed very well.”

drone mini clip image

Compared to the $5 million Predator or the (larger) $13 million Reaper, the 467 pound, 500 watt Shadow, introduced in 1999, is smaller and less expensive...

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