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Drone video captures killer whales eating a shark alive

Drone video captures killer whales eating a shark alive

Shortly after Monterey Bay Whale Watch took about a dozen hopeful whale-watchers out to sea, the group received a call from a fishing boat.

“Hey, is anyone whale watching? I’ve got some killer whales up here,” Katlyn Taylor, a marine biologist with the Northern California company, recalled the fisherman telling them.

They set out for the co-ordinates, about 40 minutes away, unsure of what they would be able to see by the time they got there. Nevertheless, the passengers on board the SeaWolf II were atwitter with excitement.

“It was a little overcast, but [the water was] flat calm,” said Slater Moore, a photographer who works with the company...

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Robots must get smarter than latest models to rule the world

Ubtech's Lynx, a video-enabled humanoid robot with Amazon Alexa image

Many of the robots on show just gave a human form to tablets and intelligent speakers with the added (but useless) ability of moving around and dancing.

In some cases, the robots were able to perform additional tasks such as picking things up, but in the main it was hard to find one that was more than simply an iPad that can follow its owner around. Despite this, many have proclaimed that robotics won the show at CES 2017.

“2017 will be the year of the robo-butlers”, declared Wired. While USA Today said robots “stole the show” as the “coolest thing from this year’s CES”.

The International Robotics Federation forecasts households across the world will have purchased around 35 million domestic and personal robots by...

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Unending A Intel Chatbot Convos Are Terrifying but Beautiful


As artificially intelligent virtual assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home become more common and advanced, they’re going to be used for all kinds of new functions. In the past few months alone we’ve seen them brought into police investigations, used to entertain children and maybe even help save a life. But forget all that for a minute. Without question, the most fascinating (albeit creepy) function for these chatty little devices is hours of mindless entertainment — happening right now.

On Twitch, you can go watch two modified Google Homes (“named” Vladimir and Estragon) chat ceaselessly. The conversation, which apparently started on January 2, has been viewed by over 184,000 people so far. Early Friday, the discussion got pretty philosophical.

“I am a huma...

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