Robot ‘Athena’ flies to Germany as airline passenger from Los Angeles

Herzog, a doctoral student at Max Planck Society, pushes 'Athena', the first 'humanoid' robot to fly as a passenger, as  they arrive at Los Angeles International Airport

(Reuters) – A humanoid robot with a head, hands and feet and wearing stylish red sneakers boarded a flight for Germany at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, becoming what was billed as the first robot traveling as a paid passenger on an airline.

The robot, named Athena, created a scene at the Tom Bradley International Terminal as she was pushed in a wheelchair up to the Lufthansa counter to pick up her ticket to Frankfurt. Television crews swarmed, camera flashes went off and people aimed their cell-phone cameras at her, exclaiming: “It’s a robot!”


Built by the Salt Lake City engineering and robotics company Sarcos, Athena was purchased by Germany’s Max Planck Society, which along with researchers at the University of Southern California are trying to make her perform ...

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The US Army’s drone airport with $33 m contract signed to commence construction

With the ink drying on a new $33 million contract, Texas is about to get a brand new, dedicated droneport. Yes, like a spaceship houses spaceships, a droneport—a term we may or may not have made up just now—gives unmanned aerial vehicles a place to call home.

us army gray eagle drome image

Evaluating the Orion spacecraft’s heatshield
Lockheed martin engineers were eager to get their hands on samples of the heat shield used on the Orion Space craft after the 20,000 pound capsule returned to earth after a four and a half hour trip on December 5th. The capsule was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station via a United Launch Alliance Delta 4 heavy booster. It went on a two-orbit trajectory and ended up about 3,600 miles from earth before returning to the planet at a leisurely 20,000 miles per hour...

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