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Underwater vehicle creator thinks outside the bubble with the ‘The Platypus’ as seen in this video & pics


platypus-underwater-exploration image www.spy-drones (1)

Vehicles such as the EGO semi-submarine boat and Adventure-Doo are designed to bring the underwater action within reach of those without the time or inclination to put in the training required to get behind the controls of personal submarines like the offerings from U-boat Worx. But the Platypus underwater exploration vehicle from François-Alexandre Bertrand ditches the waterproof hull while giving users a taste of life beneath the waves. We first looked at the Platypus in concept form in 2011 and a prototype has now hit the water as it navigates the often-treacherous waters to commercial availability.

platypus-underwater-exploration image www.spy-drones (6)

“The submersible has existed for a long time, but with a big bubble,” Bertrand tells Gizmag...

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Chinese reportedly working on super-fast submarine that would ‘fly’ in an ‘air bubble’

A ‘supercavitating’ submarine creates a bubble of air that encompasses the whole vehicle by ejecting gas through the nose with enough force that it forms water vapor. This greatly reduces drag and allows it to travel at high speeds not possible by standard submarines. Photo: The Washington Post

'supercavitating' submarine creates a bubble of air image

In the annals of vehicular locomotion, the submarine is the equivalent of the Walkman. It dazzled the masses when it hit, flexing nuclear-tipped missiles that completed the “nuclear triad” of deterrence.

But other technologies soon surpassed it in terms of speed and agility. Now, years later, the submarine may be making a comeback — at least theoretically. Researchers at the Harbin Institute of Technology in northeast China tell the South China Morning Post that they’re hard at work on a s...

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Russian Navy Will Have Robots Manning New Submarines


Nuclear and non-nuclear submarines would be armed with military robots.

The commander-in-chief of Russia’s Navy said Tuesday that the country’s new fifth-generation submarines would be armed with military robots.

“The combat capabilities of multipurpose nuclear and non-nuclear submarines will be improved in the future by the integration into their arsenal of promising robotic systems,” Admiral Viktor Chirkov told reporters Tuesday, RIA Novosti reported. “This has already been planned and these plans will be carried out.”

In 2013, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced Russia was planning to build a military robotics laboratory, saying that robots could be used to thwart terrorist attacks.

Henry Sapiecha

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How Scientific Sea Drones Are Becoming the Eyes of the Navy

From hunting and hiding submarines to planning SEAL missions, a fleet of 65 aquatic, submersible drones is already giving the U.S. Navy a tactical advantage.

sea-drones underwater image

Last fall Rutgers University ocean researcher Oscar Schofield headed a collaborative experiment called Gliderpalooza, which coordinated 15 aquatic, submersible research drones to sample the deep waters off the coastal Atlantic. About 5 feet long and shaped like tomahawk missiles, the gliders beam home their data every time they surface. The propellerless drones, jam-packed with scientific instruments, swim by changing their buoyancy—taking on and expelling a soda can’s worth of water to sink and float. And they navigate under the waves by themselves...

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Homeland Security’s robotic tuna

Inspired by the real tuna, BIOSwimmer is a UUV designed for high maneuverability in harsh environments, with a flexible aft section and appropriately placed sets of pectoral and other fins.

For those cluttered and hard-to-reach underwater places where inspection is necessary, the tuna-inspired frame is an optimal design.


It can inspect the interior voids of ships such as flooded bilges and tanks, and hard to reach external areas such as steerage, propulsion and sea chests. It can also inspect and protect harbors and piers, perform area searches and carry out other security missions.


Henry Sapiecha

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Henry Sapiecha

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