Amazon foresees drone-delivery towers for urban areas

This cylindrical hive is Amazon’s vision of a UAV delivery center, where trucks can deliver loads of items for aerial last-mile delivery by swarms of multicopter drones (Credit: USPTO

A patent filed by Amazon outlines the company’s vision for vertical drone delivery hives that could be destined for urban centers. These tall, multilevel cylinders would receive truck freight at the ground level, with robots then loading up delivery drones that would leave and return through dozens of windows dotted up the sides of the structure.

Amazon’s vast order fulfillment centres are already otherworldly...

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Amazon patent proposes using lamp posts as drone docking charging stations

amazon-lamp-post-drone-docking image www.spy-drones (2)

Using the docking station, Amazon’s drones could come down to recharge ahead of the next leg of their journey.

Lamp posts are a popular resting place for tired birds, but our feathered friends may soon find themselves with a little competition for these convenient perches. Amazon has been awarded a patent for a drone docking system that would see its flying delivery robots come down to recharge on structures like street lamps and power poles before continuing onto their final destination.

Amazon filed the patent back in November 2014, describing a multipurpose system of docking stations that can be networked with a central control point and a fleet of drones. This came almost a year after the e-commerce giant first revealed its plans to deliver items in 30 minutes by autonomous dron...

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A chicken sandwich, donuts, hot coffee, Slurpees and candy were packed into a purpose-built container and carried autonomously by a Flirtey drone.

A fully fledged drone service dropping items off across the US is a ways off yet, but the concept has now edged a little closer to reality with 7-Eleven carrying out the nation’s first drone delivery to a customer’s home. The retailer teamed up with drone startup Flirtey to complete the shipment, whose flying robot was loaded up with Slurpees and other snacks to give convenience store a new kind of meaning.

The deliveries began at a 7-Eleven store in Reno, Nevada, a state where Flirtey has set up shop with an office at the University of Nevada, looking to grow its technology at one of just six federally approved drone testing sites in the ...

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Look out London: Amazon drone delivery trials to kick off in the UK

anmazon-drone-trial-uk-image www.spy-drones (1)

Amazon approached the UK government last year to enquire about trialing its drone delivery technology.

Amazon has found itself a new ally in its plans to get the Prime Air delivery service off the ground, today announcing a partnership with the UK government to commence trials using its autonomous drones. The agreement will enable Amazon to test out the technologies behind its drone delivery service, an audacious plan that it first announced in December of 2013.

It has been slow-going since Amazon’s initial big reveal of its drone intentions, with regulators in the US giving the e-commerce giant little room to move when it comes to conducting real-world trials, let alone actually implementing the service on any scale.

Last month, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) introduced

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Drone delivery is no pain in the Glass: DHL explores new tech to speed parcels’ arrival

The world’s largest parcel company is testing out some interesting new tech to help deliver its parcels.


Last fall, Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s largest logistics company, became the first in Europe to use a commercial drone to deliver packages, and now it may have notched up another breakthrough – finding a good use for the much-maligned Google Glass.

Google ended commercial sales of its smart glasses at the end of January, after the product failed to capture the imagination of consumers and drew privacy concerns. However, within the enterprise, there’s still a potential use for augmented reality. DHL, for one, is looking at ways to use the smart glasses to speed order fulfillment.

DHL recently partnered with one of its clients, electronics company Ricoh, on a pilot project to provide ...

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Game of drones: How airborne delivery tests are starting to take off

With Amazon given the green light to test drone deliveries, and DHL in Germany and Swiss Post also running trials, Finland is the latest country to conduct a pilotless airborne mail delivery pilot.


In a Finnish drone trial, a robotic helicopter delivers parcels to an island close to Helsinki.

Drones could soon be delivering our mail – or at least our parcels. Finland’s national postal company, Posti, has successfully tested the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) – in other words, a drone – for delivering online purchases.

In the recent four-day experiment in the Finnish capital Helsinki, parcels weighing under 3kg (6.6lb) were flown by a robotic helicopter between the mainland and the island of Suomenlinna, a Unesco World Heritage site 4km (2.5 miles) from the city centre.

All other...

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Israeli engineer designs grounded drone delivery service video presentation


Published on Oct 14, 2015

Israeli engineer designs grounded drone delivery service

The Transwheel delivery drone will never get off the ground.

And that’s just how Israeli inventor Kobi Shikar designed it.


“I worked on a concept that is a robotic autonomous wheel that is directed by GPS and has photography systems and facial recognition with the purpose of transporting packages, ranging from postal parcels to larger packages.”

The motorised delivery unicycle will hold packages on its ‘head’ with two robotic arms.

It will then hand them over to its recipients by identifying them from social media...

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