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Super quick follow-me camera drone uses artificial intelligence to be a better cameraman -Watch videos

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The Staaker drone’s artificial intelligence is designed to give this automatic aerial cameraman an edge over the competition (Credit: Staaker)

Ever since that notorious Lily drone video went massively viral back in 2015, scores of companies have been scrambling to build super-portable, automatic, follow-me camera drones.

The latest to cross our desk is the Staaker, and it has a few tricks up its sleeve that could set it apart from the crowd.

Like many of these things, it’s controlled not by a traditional R/C unit, but through a GPS tracker that can be strapped onto your wrist, or wherever else is appropriate. Controls appear minimal – while you can fly it via the buttons on the tracker, it’s designed to operate mainly in one of several follow modes.

These include a simple follow,...

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