Drone industry escalting at a fast pace in North Dakota USA

black stealth drone with cam image

The unmanned aircraft industry is growing so quickly in North Dakota that two Fargo companies almost signed their recent merger deal on a napkin, an executive said Wednesday.

Aerobotic Innovations, a software company, and Packet Digital, a hardware engineer, formed Botlink after executives from the companies met at a chamber of commerce dinner about a month ago. Shawn Muehler, 29, CEO of Aerobotic Innovations, said the companies were “very close” to signing a contract before dessert was served.

“Within a week, really, we got everything done,” Muehler said Wednesday at a drone conference held inside a hangar at the Fargo Jet Center.

The new company is building a platform meant to help drones stay up in the air longer while collecting and distributing real-time data through cellu...

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