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Earth from Space: NASA 15 Amazing Things in 15 Years. Enjoy this journey.

NASA and other space agencies had launched satellites to study Earth before. But the past 15 years have produced a more comprehensive look at Earth from space than any other period in history. At a time when our planet is undergoing critically important changes, this global view offers not only stunning imagery but also vitally important information about how Earth is changing.

earth_rotating_lg_blk image

To celebrate 15 successful years of the Earth Observing System, we’ve collected 15 impressive, awe-inducing or simply just plain interesting images gathered by NASA’s three flagship Earth orbiters since the Terra launch.

Enjoy. And here’s to the next 15.

1. Blue Marble 2002

Taking a full photograph of Earth from space takes some doing...

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Mysterious green lights seen from space have a fishy explanation

A PHOTO taken by an astronaut in space has revealed a splattering of perplexing green lights seen glowing over a huge area near Thailand.

Reid Wiseman, one of the crew members on the International Space Station, noticed weird illuminations that shone as bright as cities out to sea in the Gulf of Thailand so, mystified, he immediately posted his discovery to Twitter.

Bangkok to North Pacific

Thai green worry? These mysterious green lights spotted by an astronaut in space has been leaving people scratching their heads as to what it could be. Source: Twitter / @astro—reid

Skies of green from the fleet of squid fishing boats image

So what are these lights that even have NASA men stumped? Being in the middle of the ocean, explanation of city pollution is ruled out (unless they’re secret underwater ones? Hmm…), so could it be blooms of bioluminescent algae, a trick ...

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The mysterious patterns from a drones eye view in the middle of the Nazca desert

Strange markings in the Naza Desert. Picture aerial view image

ETCHED into the land at the Nazca Desert are vast figures of humans, creatures and plants, spread over 1000 square kilometres. Their creation remains somewhat of a mystery.

Lonely Planet ventured to the desert and detailed its perplexing sights in the book The World’s Great Wonders. Here’s what they found.

The drone of the propeller blades is deafening. The small plane is being gently buffeted around by the winds. Below lies the vast, red-brown expanse of the Nazca Desert, crisscrossed with snaking ravines.

A yell pierces through the din of the propeller. From the copilot’s seat your guide is pointing excitedly at something up ahead. Craning to see through the cockpit windscreen, you catch a glimpse of some lines on the arid plain below.

As you get closer, the form of an animal...

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Unsatisfied with the officious sounding NGC 5189, in December 2012, the media boffins at NASA romantically described this gaseous cluster as “a glass-blown holiday ornament with a glowing ribbon entwined”.

But really, this puff of glowing gas is the last moments in the life of a medium-sized star, about the size of our Sun

cosmic-Christmas-space image


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landsat_art_lena-siberia image

This image of the Lena River Delta in Siberia was taken by a Landsat satellite buzzing over 700 kilometres above Earth.

At 4,400 km long, The Lena River is one of the largest rivers in the world.

It looks like “part of some vascular network in a living body; a mixture of chaos and organisation,” says Prof. Lineweaver


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