Watch Drones Drop Thousands of Moths on Crops in this Video

Swarms of sterile moths could be coming to a cotton farm near you

Drones can swarm a military enemy, tour historical sites and even collect whale snot. Now, they are helping out cotton farms in a pilot program that is a new spin on crop dusting. Instead of chemicals, these drones drop hundreds of thousands of irradiated moths, Mary Beth Griggs reports for Popular Science.

Though seemingly bizarre, the USDA has strong motivation for the project: A plague of pink bollworms. Long considered an invasive species, these worms are a cotton field’s worst enemy. They lay eggs on cotton bolls, and their babies eat both cotton seeds and fibers, ruining crops and destroying their long-term viability. Even worse, the pink bollworms are largely resistant to many toxins.

The National Cotto...

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