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Magnetically-connected Snap drone pops apart on crash landings Video & pics

Children of the 1970s may recall Kenner’s Smash-Up Derby set, in which two toy cars flew into pieces when they crashed into each other – the neat thing was, they could then just be snapped back together. Well, Vantage Robotics’ Snap is sort of like the Smash-Up Derby of drones. The 4K camera-packin’ quadcopter’s main body is attached to the folding propeller assembly by magnets, allowing it to come off under impact without incurring any lasting damage.

snapdrone- image

The Snap’s unique construction also makes it highly portable. Users can just pull off the main body, fold the props together, then stuff the whole thing into a backpack. Additionally, in transit and in flight, prop guards serve to both protect the propellers and to keep them from cutting into hapless bystanders.

The 2-axis gimbal-stabiliz...

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