Intel drones by the hundreds dance in the night sky

Intel’s new Shooting Star Drone is the latest UAV announcement from a company that is better known for its processors. The VP and GM of Intel’s UAV Segment explains why drones fit perfectly into the company’s global strategy.

Intel is getting serious about drones, with a string of announcements about unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. The company is known best for its processors, but the Internet of Things makes computers harder to recognize. While yesterday’s computing was done in a heavy rectangular box, today’s processing takes place in everyday objects and tiny gadgets.

Drones are no exception. “We see them as flying computers,” Anil Nanduri tells ZDNet. He is Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s UAV Segment.

Today Intel unveiled its latest crea...

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CoCoRo underwater mini-robots school like fish and share knowledge

cocoro underwater drones images

Starting in April 2011, the European Union CoCoRo (Collective Cognitive Robots) research consortium has been developing three varieties of autonomous underwater robots that school together like fish. By doing so, the little bots can share and learn from each others’ “knowledge” of their environment, acting as a collective cognitive system that’s smarter than any one of its individual parts.


The robots communicate with one another via built-in flashing LEDs, using onboard electronics such as computer vision systems, compasses and accelerometers to find their way around aquatic environments.

Utilizing an algorithm inspired by the clustering behavior of bees (not fish!), they can seek out others of their kind and then settle together around one central base location, becoming aware of the...

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