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This is a Genetically-Modified Tiny Cyborg Dragonfly Drone

Scientists have altered a living dragonfly to become a cyborg so they can control its movements & see what happens. Future humans??

As drone technology advances, one of the biggest challenges is shrinking down the flying robots. The smaller drones are, the better they will be for purposes both practical (fitting into cramped spaces) and devious (spying). Scientists have turned to insects to understand how beings with tiny bodies produce the energy needed to fly for long periods of time, while our own shrunk-down drones’ batteries die quickly.

A new experiment bypasses the studying of insect flight to use living insects themselves as drones. Thus, researchers at Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and Howard Hughes Medical Institute present DragonflEye, an insanely futuristic cyborg dragonfly ...

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What Really Happens When a Drone Strikes an Airplane

Drones strikes are not like bird strikes—they’re much, much worse.


The skies are getting crowded.

The FAA says that reports of near-misses between drones and planes have surged since 2014, with as many as 650 cases as of August 2016. Last month an airliner narrowly avoided hitting a drone near London’s tallest skyscraper. Dubai airport has been repeatedly shut down by drone activity, and low-flying drones are increasingly disrupting firefighting aircraft in the western U.S.

Sooner or later, those near-messes are going to become hits. So experts from the U.S. and U.K. are recreating these deadly scenarios before they wreck real-world consequences, hoping to nip this 21st century problem in the bud. New studies by the FAA and its Euro...

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A chicken sandwich, donuts, hot coffee, Slurpees and candy were packed into a purpose-built container and carried autonomously by a Flirtey drone.

A fully fledged drone service dropping items off across the US is a ways off yet, but the concept has now edged a little closer to reality with 7-Eleven carrying out the nation’s first drone delivery to a customer’s home. The retailer teamed up with drone startup Flirtey to complete the shipment, whose flying robot was loaded up with Slurpees and other snacks to give convenience store a new kind of meaning.

The deliveries began at a 7-Eleven store in Reno, Nevada, a state where Flirtey has set up shop with an office at the University of Nevada, looking to grow its technology at one of just six federally approved drone testing sites in the ...

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US Army Flies UAV In National Airspace for First Time

The RQ-7B Shadow Unmanned Aerial System lands after making its historic flight Sept. 30 at the Custer Hill Shadow Facility on Fort Riley, Kan. This was the first time in the Army an unmanned aerial system was flown in FAA-approved airspace. (US Army photo)

The 1st Infantry Division made history Sept. 30 by flying an unmanned aerial system for the first time in the Army in Federal Aviation Administration-controlled airspace.

RQ-7B Shadow UAS army drone image

Soldiers from the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Inf. Div., launched an RQ-7B Shadow UAS from Fort Riley along an approved air corridor and navigated it back utilizing national airspace.

“We’re breaking new ground,” said Capt. Aaron Griffith, commander, Company D, 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st ABCT, 1st Inf. Div...

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Baby-faced robot used to analyze why infants smile


robot-baby-smiles-The Diego-san robot, which isn't creepy at all IMAGE

Babies may like to be smiled at, but they don’t put undue effort into smiling at people in order to make that happen. That’s one of the findings of a study conducted by a team of computer scientists, roboticists and developmental psychologists at the University of California, San Diego. To develop their theory, they enlisted the help of a robot you won’t soon forget.
The study drew upon earlier research, in which the face-to-face interactions between 13 mothers and their infants were analyzed. In particular, it was noted when and how often the moms and babies smiled.
Using that data, the UCSD researchers programmed a robot known as Diego-san, which was initially created as a platform for studying the cognitive development of infants...
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Online Session on UAS Test Site Privacy Policy

usa flag27130-selected-uas-test-site-operators-large

Map Showing State Distribution of UAS Test Site Proposals Across the Nation

The applicants are all public organizations, but private companies may be part of an applicant’s team. The FAA cannot provide applicant names and numbers by state during the procurement process.

The FAA held an online public engagement session on Wednesday, April 3 from 12 noon to 2 p.m. EDT to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on the agency’s proposed privacy policy for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The FAA provided a brief overview of the UAS test site program and proposed privacy policy and then took comments from participants. Each participant had three minutes for comments...

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