Underwater vehicle creator thinks outside the bubble with the ‘The Platypus’ as seen in this video & pics


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Vehicles such as the EGO semi-submarine boat and Adventure-Doo are designed to bring the underwater action within reach of those without the time or inclination to put in the training required to get behind the controls of personal submarines like the offerings from U-boat Worx. But the Platypus underwater exploration vehicle from François-Alexandre Bertrand ditches the waterproof hull while giving users a taste of life beneath the waves. We first looked at the Platypus in concept form in 2011 and a prototype has now hit the water as it navigates the often-treacherous waters to commercial availability.

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“The submersible has existed for a long time, but with a big bubble,” Bertrand tells Gizmag...

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Version 3.0 of Aeromobil flying car unveiled, see pics & video here

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It may still sound like the stuff of science fiction, but the AeroMobil flying car is close to a final design. The AeroMobil 3.0 prototype was premiered today at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. The roadster-cum-light-aircraft is being tested to refine final performance and features.

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The AeroMobil first took to the skies last year as version 2.5. According to the company, the new version was developed and built in the 10 months after the release of version 2.5 and is “very close to the final product.”

“I’m very happy with what we were able to achieve in such a short time with the team of only 12 people,” says AeroMobil co-founder and CTO Stefan Klein. “AeroMobil 3...

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