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Unending A Intel Chatbot Convos Are Terrifying but Beautiful


As artificially intelligent virtual assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home become more common and advanced, they’re going to be used for all kinds of new functions. In the past few months alone we’ve seen them brought into police investigations, used to entertain children and maybe even help save a life. But forget all that for a minute. Without question, the most fascinating (albeit creepy) function for these chatty little devices is hours of mindless entertainment — happening right now.

On Twitch, you can go watch two modified Google Homes (“named” Vladimir and Estragon) chat ceaselessly. The conversation, which apparently started on January 2, has been viewed by over 184,000 people so far. Early Friday, the discussion got pretty philosophical.

“I am a huma...

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10 Times Drones Challenged Mother Nature & lost. 10 Videos show the action.

We may have cutting-edge technology, but sometimes nature controls the outcome


We humans may think ourselves masters over nature, but sometimes nature comes along to put us in our place. This is especially true for drones, who often fly where they should fear to tread and learn a harsh lesson.

(In all seriousness, please keep drones away from animals. You damage your drone and you can also cause significant harm to the animals. If you’re a drone owner, these videos offer a good illustration of what not to do.)

1…Drone vs. Dog

Dogs have been bred and trained for millennia to guard and protect humans. If there’s something moving in the grass over there, this dog will do its job and check it out. Good dog.

Winner: Dog

2…Drone vs. Hawk

Drones have merely adopted the sky...

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What Really Happens When a Drone Strikes an Airplane

Drones strikes are not like bird strikes—they’re much, much worse.


The skies are getting crowded.

The FAA says that reports of near-misses between drones and planes have surged since 2014, with as many as 650 cases as of August 2016. Last month an airliner narrowly avoided hitting a drone near London’s tallest skyscraper. Dubai airport has been repeatedly shut down by drone activity, and low-flying drones are increasingly disrupting firefighting aircraft in the western U.S.

Sooner or later, those near-messes are going to become hits. So experts from the U.S. and U.K. are recreating these deadly scenarios before they wreck real-world consequences, hoping to nip this 21st century problem in the bud. New studies by the FAA and its Euro...

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Robot Technology 2016 | 5 Awesome Robots | Military Robots

Published on 22 Jun 2016

5 New Technology 2016 | Military Robots | Awesome Robots.
Technology and inventions about robots . Our technological advances are racing ahead! Here are 5 examples of Technology of Robotics and Military Robots.
From mega fighting robot wars challenges between the USA and Japan to running robots being created for the military, 2016 is sure to have a world of surprises in technological leaps and bounds in regards to advancements.


Henry Sapiecha

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The first fully soft autonomous robot is an octopus & how it works video

Harvard researchers 3D printed an autonomous robot that demonstrates the advantages of soft robots. Just like an octopus, the robot is strong and dexterous enough to grasp objects.

OCTOPUS-robot image

Lori Sanders/Harvard University

Close your eyes, and picture a robot. It’s probably hard and angular, with jerky movements that have inspired dancers for decades. But robots can also be flexible, squishy, and graceful. Researchers at Harvard have created the first autonomous robot that is completely soft. Its design is inspired by the octopus — a creature that is known for its strength and dexterity.

The octopus’s qualities are ideal for modern robotics, which require more flexibility than the hulky machines that have dominated industrial settings for more than half a century...

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Video shows Lehmann launching future-proof, modular drones for professionals

la-series-drone-images www.spy-drones (1)

Lehmann Aviation’s new L-A series offers models tailored for mapping and agricultural applications (Credit: Lehmann Aviation)

Drone technology has changed rapidly over the past decade and France’s Lehmann Aviation is looking to help professional drone users future-proof their UAVs with what the company claims is the world’s first modular design in its latest line of drones.

In the past, Lehmann has offered higher-end UAVs designed with photography and mapping applications in mind, even for users with little flying experience. But the company’s new L-A series ups the ante with a line of drones designed for an array of field assignments, ranging from mapping to mining, construction and precision agriculture.

The new line of drones includes the base model LA500 and models outfitted spe...

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Got this great video from my sons posting on facebook.Go here>>





Henry Sapiecha

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Ingestible Origami Robot Removes Button Battery Stuck to Wall of Simulated Stomach

In experiments involving a simulation of the human esophagus and stomach, researchers at MIT, the University of Sheffield, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have demonstrated a tiny origami robot that can unfold itself from a swallowed capsule and, steered by external magnetic fields, crawl across the stomach wall to remove a swallowed button battery or patch a wound.

The new work, which the researchers are presenting this week at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, builds on a long sequence of papers on origami robots from the research group of Daniela Rus, the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

“It’s really exciting to see our small origami robots doing something with potential ...

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Future Robotic DroneTechnologies Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind (Full New Documentary)



Henry Sapiecha

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Rise of the robots sparks an investment bonanza

Global influx of auto machines set to open one of the brightest new tech markets

robotics & investment boom chart image 4

The future is almost here: from machines that can work alongside us to those built with human characteristics that can act as personal assistants or even companions, robots are starting to walk out of the lab and into our lives

An army of robots is on the move.

In warehouses, hospitals and retail stores, and on city streets, industrial parks and the footpaths of college campuses, the first representatives of this new invading force are starting to become apparent.

“The robots are among us,” says Steve Jurvetson, a Silicon Valley investor and a director at Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX companies, which have relied heavily on robotics...

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Killer robots closer to reality than we think,United Nations is told

Australia a target for drones?

Is the Australian Defence Force the next big customer for unmanned aerial vehicles? Vision General Atomics’ promotional video.

Australia has warned the world that artificially intelligent killer robots “may be closer than many of us had imagined” and nations need to work harder to tackle the future threat they may pose.

At a United Nations meeting on “lethal autonomous weapons systems” in Geneva, Switzerland, the Australian delegation on Monday night called on the world to come up with agreed rules about how to handle the rapid pace in technology in military artificial intelligence.

terminator drones image

The Terminator movies imagined a...

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This Homemade Robot Can Solve A Rubik’s Cube In One Second

So a LEGO robot might be able to monster a Rubik’s cube in a little over three seconds, but put together a dedicated machine from a more flexible part list and well, the popular multi-coloured puzzle gets dominated. Try 1.019 seconds on for size.

A pair of guys on YouTube by the names of Jay Flatland and Paul Rose built there own mechanical solver using an array of webcams, 3D printed frames and stepper motors. There’s nothing inherently complex about the setup — in fact, it looks like more work went into the software:


As you can see in the image, the program takes the image input from the cameras and converts it into a “unrolled” version for human consumption, as well as something the solver can understand...

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