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Drone Captures Hurricane Maria’s Devastation in Puerto Rico Aerial View

Hurricane Maria tore across Puerto Rico last Wednesday but communities across the Caribbean are still reeling from its wrath. The commonwealth lost all electricity and most communications after violent winds and rains washed away power lines, cell towers and roads. At least 16 people have died, and many more individuals are left without homes, drinking water, or ability to contact or find loved ones.

The sweeping destruction is almost impossible to fathom, which is why AFP photographer Ricardo Arduengo shot it from above with a drone. It’s how he captured this apocalyptic scene just west of San Juan where a stretch of four-lane highway lay in ruins after a nearby river washed it away. “It was shocking,” says photographer Ricardo Arduengo...

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The Winter-Proof high payload Drone That Will Watch the Arctic [Pics & Video]

A high-payload, low-cost drone would change Arctic science forever. But the challenge of making it freeze-proof still remains.

The wide-open spaces of the Arctic are a dream for drone science. A maneuverable eye in the sky has made unmanned aircraft a go-to method for counting sea lion populations, mapping ice cover, and perhaps one day for search-and-rescue operations off Alaska’s coast.

But small drones bring their own inconveniences, too, like limited flight time and a small payload. That was a problem for the U.S. federal research facility Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), which needed something that could carry lots of equipment to measure solar irradiance, three-dimensional windspeed, and analyze air particulates...

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Apocalyptic ‘UFO’ clouds form over Texas after weeks of heavy rain

Giant apocalyptic clouds akin to fluffy flying saucers have formed in the skies of central Texas, much to the astonishment of residents who have jokingly wondered if aliens had finally arrived.

alien spaceships of a weather freak image

“Alien ships hiding in clouds,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Yep those are covers for spaceships!” wrote another.

“Those don’t even look real! They are kinda scary,” posted a third.

Altocumulus standing lenticular clouds, as they are known, are stationary clouds with flat, spherical layers shaped like lenses. Resembling alien spacecraft or a stack of pancakes, they typically form on the downwind side of mountains but can occasionally occur next to buildings or bridges.

Air travelling along the mountain is forced upwards by the obstruction, generating waves in the atmosphere, similar to those in the...

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Robot at sea tweeting Hawaii hurricane photos

The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider Holoholo is autonomously navigating the Hawaiian seas, heading into the paths of Hurricanes Iselle and Julio, tweeting storm photos as it goes.

The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider SV3 pic image

A photo tweeted by a Liquid Robotics Wave Glider that’s heading autonomously into the path of two hurricanes menacing the Hawaiian islands. Liquid Robotics

As Hawaiian residents and visitors hunker down to avoid the force of what could be two oncoming hurricanes, a robot is swimming straight into the path of the storms, tweeting photos as it goes.

A Liquid Robotics Wave Glider known as Holoholo is autonomously heading directly at Hurricanes Iselle and Julio, both of which are thought to be threatening the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider SV3 image www.spy-drones (1)

Built by Silicon Valley’s Liquid Robotics, Holoholo is a Wave Glider SV3, essentially a ...

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Hurricanes tracked by use of NASA drones


Henry Sapiecha

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