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Canadian Telecom Company Leverages Drones for Inspections

Sentera Drone View image

Canadian broadband company Gap Wireless has added a fleet of Sentera LCC drones to its inventory. These will be able to obtain information by capturing images from the air, and then feeding it into Sentera’s big data platform, OnTop.

The OnTop platform allows clients to use a mobile app and desktop client to identify the location, date, time, and asset type of every photo taken by the UAVs. Along with Sentera’s sensors and drones, Gap Wireless will also use other industry-supported UAV models to conduct cell and broadcast antenna site inspections.

This will ideally allow infrastructure inspection to proceed more quickly and more safely.

“Our advanced software solution fills an essential industry need to effortlessly collect and manage thousands of critical asset images,” said Gr...

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Robot at sea tweeting Hawaii hurricane photos

The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider Holoholo is autonomously navigating the Hawaiian seas, heading into the paths of Hurricanes Iselle and Julio, tweeting storm photos as it goes.

The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider SV3 pic image

A photo tweeted by a Liquid Robotics Wave Glider that’s heading autonomously into the path of two hurricanes menacing the Hawaiian islands. Liquid Robotics

As Hawaiian residents and visitors hunker down to avoid the force of what could be two oncoming hurricanes, a robot is swimming straight into the path of the storms, tweeting photos as it goes.

A Liquid Robotics Wave Glider known as Holoholo is autonomously heading directly at Hurricanes Iselle and Julio, both of which are thought to be threatening the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider SV3 image www.spy-drones (1)

Built by Silicon Valley’s Liquid Robotics, Holoholo is a Wave Glider SV3, essentially a ...

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