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Stephen Hawking in Reddit AMA to promote call to ban killer robots

Hawking joins Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak in warning against development of autonomous weapons.

Physicist Stephen Hawking image

Physicist Stephen Hawking will answer AI questions on Reddit after supporting a call for researchers to tread carefully.

Would a machine with AI have the same drive to reproduce as biological organisms do? Can — and should — empathy be introduced? If there are questions swimming around in your brain about the future of artificial intelligence, you can now send them to Stephen Hawking himself for an answer. Hawking has signed up for his first-ever AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit, and will be answering questions there for the next few weeks.

Yes, you read that correctly — weeks...

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NASA’s Hangar One taken over by Google


Google takes over NASA's Hangar One image

NASA’s Hangar One in 1999. Google has leased the former naval base, including three historic hangars, two runways, adjacent land and buildings. Photo: NASA Ames Research Center

If you were Google, what would you do with a 350,000-square-foot (32,516-square-metre) hangar that was originally built to house helium airships for the US Navy?

How about using its cavernous interior for building and testing new robots, planetary rovers and other space or aviation technology?

A NASA spokeswoman has confirmed that those plans are part of the proposal submitted by a subsidiary of the giant internet company, along with restoring the outside of the landmark structure known as Hangar One at Moffett Federal Airfield in California...

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