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Disney Research creates drone car that can climb walls

Disney’s new ‘spider-drone’ can climb up walls

VertiGo, a Disney-developed robot that uses propellers to climb up walls, is the latest in gravity-defying robot technology.

If you’ve ever piloted a remote-controlled car, you’re familiar with the question we all ask ourselves after a couple of minutes of zooming around over horizontal surfaces: “Why can’t this thing climb straight up a vertical wall and scoot around like a fly or a gecko or some sort of tree frog?”

Well be disappointed by devices that obey the laws of physics no longer, because Disney Research Zurich and Swiss university ETH have concocted VertiGo, a prototype wall-gripping robot that appears to do just that.

In the age of consumer quadcopters, it’s perhaps not all that surprising to see a small device that ca...

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Stickybot is what you get when you combine a drone and a gecko

gecko-like climbing robot known as Stickybot image www.spy-drones.com

Climber: Stickybot in action. Photo: Standford University

There is a wide array of obstacles facing the drone deliveries proposed by Amazon and Google. If the deliveries do happen, however, researchers from the mechanical engineering lab at Stanford University believe they have made a technological leap in the science of the drone’s landing.

Working with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, they have figured out how to enable a quadcopter drone to stick a landing – at any angle – much like a flying gecko or a bat. Without any kind of suction or anything sticky, the flying robot can now perch on a slippery surface.

This means that technologically, it would be possible for a pizza-carrying drone to land on a 14th-floor window or for a robot, carrying a medical kit, to perch on a...

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